Friday, March 23, 2012

Love Victoria Eye Candy-A Candles by Victoria Review

     First of all I must confess! I have been keeping these all to myself for the past couple of weeks since I got them, but I can't anymore!!! I have to share how beautiful these are. If you haven't seen or heard of Candles by Victoria's Love Victoria candles, you can check them out on page 15 of the website. Here's a little cheat sheet:
Measures-4in tall
Opening-4in across
Scent Throw-Great!
Melt Pool-5hrs

Aquamarine glitter-Forbidden Fantasy (VS dupe, pretty, soft, soapy, clean, perfumey, a little fruity, a little flowery, tiny bit musky just enough to make it sexy.

Halo Purple-CAS Love Lounge-Rock That Vanilla & Love Spell-This is one of my "create a scents". In my order I selected to have RTV and Love Spell mixed together into one candle and I even got to name it myself. Love Spell is a nice and sweet VS dupe and RTV is a vanilla conditioner dupe. Together they make a mellow, relaxing scent. Think I did good??

Gem Green-Night Blooming Jasmine-I picked this scent for my husband since he leans toward clean florals and fresh scents and loves night blooming Jasmines. I don't think I would have picked it for myself really and I'm not even sure it's a real NBJ scent but it's nice for a flowery scent. Really strong though. I definitely get a pretty white flower note. The glitter here is just gorgeous!

Halo Red-Love Shack-This is a mix between Love Spell (again, think I like this scent??) and Pink Sugar. Love this almost as much as Love Spell alone. This is sweeter though because of the Pink Sugar (you think?!) Very nice bedroom scent, which was where I was going with these Love V candles.

Just for fun, anyone want to see the glitters up close and personal? Taking these photos was way too much fun and I'd love to show them off :) Here's a few close ups:

     Overall I like these, a lot!!! They are perfect for decorating and the scent throw is good. It does take a pretty long time to get a full melt pool though, so I always make sure I have time to burn and not have to blow them out prematurely. Also, they are bigger than I expected and the glitters are amazing! You can even have 2 glitter colors mixed together! When you go to the order page there is a little story describing how the Love V jar design came to be. Too much fun, I swear! Now go check them out, because you will love these as much as I do!