Friday, February 10, 2012

Lather Yourself in Whipped Topping-from CBV Soaps by Melissa

     There's nothing more sexy at this time of year than some fluffy whipped topping and some fresh strawberries hand fed to you by your loved one of course :) That is unless you've gotten a chance to check out Melissa's whipped topping soaps!!! There's quite a few different ones that feature this delicious concoction and you can check them out here. I've tried a few of them already, used them in different ways and came up with the best way I like to use these soaps along with their wonderful topping.
So far, I've seen 2 types of whipped topping soaps. The slices:

And the cupcake types:

     Both are beautiful in their own way and I like both types. The cupcakes just look so cute and realistic with that sparkly "frosting" on top. But for practical use I prefer the sliced type. As Melissa has mentioned before, this "frosting" is ideal for shaving. That is why I prefer the slice! Here's why: Being intrigued by this new "shaving frosting" I of course had to try it out and see how it worked. At first I broke off a little piece (it's soft and has an airy consistency), rubbed it between my hands and then rubbed that on my shavables. It gave me a little bit of lather which worked fine but it wasn't ideal. At this point I took the entire foamy slice apart from the soap and rubbed the whole thing on my skin until I got a nice luxurious lather, small bubbled, creamy shaving lather and everything! Bingo!!! It was perfect and the slice was a good shape and size to contour to my skin in order to form a wonderful shaving cream type lather. Some sweet smelling, wonderfully soft, luxurious lather!!! Yes, it's that good! This rivals any shaving cream out there that I've ever tried. Of course this activity can be shared by two, just like the strawberries and Valentines Day date idea??? Here's an up close look and try not to drool :)

     The one I used tonight and the inspiration of this post was my Best Friends bar. A delicious, juicy, fruity scented soap, with a fluffy pink whipped topping, sprinkled with glitter and glitter stars. Speaking of stars, just be mindful of them when you're shaving so they don't get stuck in your shaver. Since it's not as dense, the whipped topping will last me about 4-5 shaves, unless it's Valentines Day ;)
In one of my future posts, I will talk a bit about how I use the soap itself. Have you tried any of Melissa's whipped cream soaps yet? How do you lather up with them? If you haven't then run and snag one up! You won't regret it, I promise!

(the soap you see here was a practice soap, not an actual product for sale)
Happy Bubbles!!!

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