Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love Potion #9-Candles by Victoria and CBVbathandbody

     Valentines Day Everyday

     I hope you all had a lovely Valentines Day! I sure did! Between the making the kids' heart shaped everything today and the hubby a romantic fondue dinner followed by chocolate dipped strawberries and bananas, I was exhausted!!!  That's where the new Love Potion #9 Massage Candle comes in. Sound exciting? It really is! Check it out...

     Isn't it cute??? I immediately picture being Jasmine and Aladdin is giving me a massage ;) Because that's what this candle is for, a massage!!! See, what you do is light up the lamp, hehe, let the top form a pool of lovely scented oil, blow it out softly, wait a few seconds and proceed with caution! That's not because it's hot. Well, it is hot but in a good way. Because of the low melting point, this oil melts into liquid without getting super hot so you're not going to burn yourself or your trusting partner. I actually touched it right after I blew it out and it was nice and warm, but not burning hot. As you can see, the lamp makes the oil easy to pour out and let the relaxation begin.
     Wait! There's more! This wouldn't be a CBV candle if it wasn't for the scent, which is amazing! It's a beautiful, sexy and sultry scent that leaves me thankful that finally I can take a delicious CBV candle and rub it all over myself like I've been tempted to do with so many before. The scent description states that "it is a blend of fruity sophistication with a warm vanilla musk note". This really is the perfect candle! It is made with 100% all natural soy, apricot oil, jojoba oil, Shea butter and enriched with vitamin E. Which means it's good for your skin. A couple of hours later, I can still smell it and my skin feels soft and moisturized.
     So if you think this sexy candle sounds like fun, you can find it on page 20 on for $17.50. While you're there check out the Love Potion #9 soap crafted by Melissa of cbvbathandbody, on sale exclusively on the CBV website right bellow the massage candle for $5.50. Yes, I just had to try this soap as well, had to match my massage oil scent. Check out my other reviews for Melissa's wonderful soaps, because just like those, this soap is highly scented, lathers up great and is moisturizing. Ingredients contain olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, cocoa butter, Shea butter and goats milk. Beautiful, just like her other soaps:

(when cut in half there's layers of pink and white inside)

     So, what do you think? Ready for a hot and sexy massage oil candle? If you're unsure or it sounds too adventurous, get it anyway and use it as an amazingly scented moisturizer until you warm up to it ;) A quick warning though: little kids that love Aladdin will be so amazed that you have Genie's Lamp, you won't be able to get them away from it! I need to use mine up quick because my 5 yr old daughter is way too excited to play with it.
Until next time, Happy Sniffing!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Much Ado About Bubbles-a CBV Soaps by Melissa comparison review

     Have you ever noticed how some soaps lather up very well and super quick while others take a long time and you're rewarded with little more than shiny hands? Does that bug you? Well, it should!!! It's those soap bubbles that help water do its work of cleaning your skin. See, what happens is soap molecules surround germs and helps water flush them away. When we wash our hands, all kinds of yucky stuff such as dead skin, viruses, bacteria and fungus are surrounded by the soap and then get carried away by fast moving water. When this grime adheres to the soap's fatty acids, it becomes encapsulated in drops of water, which makes it easy to just rinse it off. Washing our hands is the single most important thing we can do to fight off infection, and no special anti-bacterial soaps are needed. Plus, I never feel quite clean unless I was able to cover myself in bubbles and then rinse them away to a squeaky gleam.
     So are all soaps created equal? I've tried a couple of popular brands out there and thought it would be interesting to compare them to Soaps by Melissa, because I did notice a big difference in some. Along the way, I will include pics and you can even judge for yourselves and see what I mean.

First off I have 2 slices from Fortune Cookie Soaps:
Vivid and Strawberry                                                             After 5 seconds washing

Next, 2 bars from Lush Cosmetics:
Sultana and Honey I Washed the Kids                         After 5 sec washing

Last but not least, Soaps by Melissa:
Forbidden Fantasy and Rock that Vanilla             After 5 sec washing



And just for fun, Soaps by Melissa's Best Friends Whipped Topping:

    Here are some of my conclusions from this little experiment: Fortune Cookie Soaps foamed up really hard, after some vigorous washing, and even after all that the bubbles just weren't enough for me. I'm not sure if it's because the soap is clear or what but I find these soaps very hard to wash with. They do smell good enough, almost like cocktails but if they don't foam up, it's hard to get the scent out.
     Lush soaps along with Soaps by Melissa are pretty similar when it comes to bubbles. Both types do a very good job. You can see the big, foamy bubbles in the pics above. The truth is, I enjoyed Melissa's version of Honey I Washed the Kids, Bath time with Pooh a lot more. It was just better smelling. Same thing goes for the rest of her soaps. While they foam up the same, I tend to enjoy all the different scents Melissa has to offer. I can also use my matching scented candle after using the soap and pretty soon there will be matching perfume :) Last but not least I've included a pic of the whipped topping in the Best Friends scent. You can see just what I meant in my previous post about this lather. It's smooth, small bubbles and creamy, just like you would expect a shaving cream to be. It's also quite moisturizing.
     So, what do you all think? Do you prefer lots of bubbles like me?  Can you tell the difference in bubbles from these pics? Isn't the consistency of the whipped topping incredible? It seems to hold a lot of the scent too!

Happy Bubbles!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Lather Yourself in Whipped Topping-from CBV Soaps by Melissa

     There's nothing more sexy at this time of year than some fluffy whipped topping and some fresh strawberries hand fed to you by your loved one of course :) That is unless you've gotten a chance to check out Melissa's whipped topping soaps!!! There's quite a few different ones that feature this delicious concoction and you can check them out here. I've tried a few of them already, used them in different ways and came up with the best way I like to use these soaps along with their wonderful topping.
So far, I've seen 2 types of whipped topping soaps. The slices:

And the cupcake types:

     Both are beautiful in their own way and I like both types. The cupcakes just look so cute and realistic with that sparkly "frosting" on top. But for practical use I prefer the sliced type. As Melissa has mentioned before, this "frosting" is ideal for shaving. That is why I prefer the slice! Here's why: Being intrigued by this new "shaving frosting" I of course had to try it out and see how it worked. At first I broke off a little piece (it's soft and has an airy consistency), rubbed it between my hands and then rubbed that on my shavables. It gave me a little bit of lather which worked fine but it wasn't ideal. At this point I took the entire foamy slice apart from the soap and rubbed the whole thing on my skin until I got a nice luxurious lather, small bubbled, creamy shaving lather and everything! Bingo!!! It was perfect and the slice was a good shape and size to contour to my skin in order to form a wonderful shaving cream type lather. Some sweet smelling, wonderfully soft, luxurious lather!!! Yes, it's that good! This rivals any shaving cream out there that I've ever tried. Of course this activity can be shared by two, just like the strawberries and Valentines Day date idea??? Here's an up close look and try not to drool :)

     The one I used tonight and the inspiration of this post was my Best Friends bar. A delicious, juicy, fruity scented soap, with a fluffy pink whipped topping, sprinkled with glitter and glitter stars. Speaking of stars, just be mindful of them when you're shaving so they don't get stuck in your shaver. Since it's not as dense, the whipped topping will last me about 4-5 shaves, unless it's Valentines Day ;)
In one of my future posts, I will talk a bit about how I use the soap itself. Have you tried any of Melissa's whipped cream soaps yet? How do you lather up with them? If you haven't then run and snag one up! You won't regret it, I promise!

(the soap you see here was a practice soap, not an actual product for sale)
Happy Bubbles!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Sudsy Valentines Day with CBV Soaps by Mellisa

Hello everyone! Feeling dirty?? Get ready to feel a little cleaner!
      I'm excited to show you a few new soaps from Soaps by Mellisa. A little (BIG) update on her: she will be making soaps full time now as she quit her regular job and is now self employed. Sounds like she has an awesome boss :) She's been cranking out new soaps and repeats redone, a little faster now and you can also tell how much better she's getting from batch to batch. Not only that but her attention to detail is amazing!
Here we go:

Forbidden Fantasy-$5.50
     My second fave soap scent behind Rock that Vanilla. I just love this one!!! I haven't smelled the candle or anything so the scent is completely new to me. It is a VS dupe and I'm sure I've seen it before but I don't remember it. Just gorgeous scent! It's floral, a bit fruity, sexy and playful and just a tad perfumey. I can't wait to try it out. The colors in this bar are just beautiful!

Best Friends with whipped cream-$6.50
     I do have a candle in this scent so I knew I would love it but I do even more than I thought. It smells like creamy berries. Sweet and yummy but also very pretty. This one is topped with this glittery "frosting" that looks good enough to eat. I had to hold back a few times :) The whipped cream can be used as shaving cream as well. Genius!!!

Blueberry Cheesecake Soap-$5.00
     I don't particularly love the candle in this scent by CBV but the soap smells nice. Reminds me of when I was little. Sure enough my little girls loved it so much! My whole bathroom smelled like delicious tart blueberries and the glitter on top was such a nice touch, especially to my girly girls. Soaps by Melissa soaps are made with the finest ingredients so they are safe for dirty little people that might have more sensitive skin. The girls got out of the tub smelling of blueberries and I half expected them to turn blue like Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Unfortunately this soap didn't make it for its photo shoot before it was tested, so I don't have a pic of it in its full glory but I took a pic of it afterwards anyway. Notice the cute new label??

Love Shack Valentines Day soap-$5.50
     This soap is just gorgeous! A heart shaped cupcake, frosted, glittered, with a "candy" heart on top and dipped in chocolate! The scent is a mix of Love Spell (VS dupe) and Pink Sugar, and they smell amazing together. I get a lot of fruitiness from this one and it's a very pretty scent. Perfect for that Valentines Day pre-date shower to get you in a romantic mood. That's if you can bring yourself to actually use this beauty!

     Hope you enjoyed a brief glimpse into what Soaps by Melissa is all about. I know I feel cleaner just by sniffing these. Which one are you dying to try? And hurry, these are limited edition and while she will make new batches, it's not guaranteed you will see the same soap again once it sells out! Check out Melissa's soaps here! 
Happy Bubbles!