Friday, January 20, 2012

Special Treats from Candles by Victoria

     Finally another candle post! I know it's been a while and the past two have been about soap so I'm glad to have some lookers to show off. These next few candles will be very special and delicious looking! Victoria has been using some new glitters as well, so I'm very excited to have these. Here we go!

Banana Coconut Cha-Cha-smells incredible! From the top layer I get a sweet banana scented frosting. The other layers that I will probably get to very soon are graham cracker crust, maple crumbs, banana coconut cream pie (one of my fave scents). As you can see, the whole thing is sprinkled with colored sprinkles, wax marshmallows and coconut wax shavings. Where's my spoon??

Decorative Cube Candle- Rock That Vanilla-I've talked about this scent before, probably too much since I love it so much. However I'm glad I love it so much because I'm disappointed that I didn't think to ask for two different colors of wax in this one. I think the chunks are meant to be a different color than the poured wax on top and instead since I didn't specify, both ended up white (color of my scent) and therefore doesn't look as good as it could have. Love the glass holder and it's super heavy! I can't wait to light this baby up after it cures some and see how long it will last since this is my "go to" scent.

22oz Tureen Candle-Love Spell-this one's an exact dupe for Love Spell by VS. Love it! It's a perfect lush and sexy bedroom scent. The glitter is jewelled black. Just gorgeous!!!

22oz Tureen Candle-Strawberry Danish-in beautiful jewelled pink. This one was a first for me as I had never smelled it before but I wasn't disappointed at all! Very yummy! Pretty similar to Cajun cornbread but replace the apricot with strawberry and you're there. You get a mouthwatering saltiness with a bakery type strawberry. Just delicious!

       Don't these look amazing?! I did have another one to show off but it arrived broken :( So sad and such a pity because it was the yummiest one. However, I was able to contact Victoria and she will send me a replacement. That's the thing with her, she makes sure you're happy with your purchase, even if Joe the mailman wasn't all that careful with your delivery. So, until I get that one, I will keep it a surprise :) It will be a good one, I promise!!!
Until next time, happy sniffing!!!


  1. i am so totally jealous of your order and those specialty candles!!! all those scents sound awesome. too bad we don't live a few blocks from on another or i'd suggest we get do trade and try and they go back to the original owner. :)

  2. Grogeous also a candles by victoria fan ill have to try some these scents they sound amazing...thanks for the review and pictures...Kris