Friday, January 6, 2012

Fresh and Clean New Year with Soaps by Melissa

     Happy New Year everyone! Time to start a new year, fresh and clean, with some new Soaps by Melissa of course! I have a few more of her creations and they are awesome. Since she's making these by herself, there are only a handful of scents available at a time and they get sold out quick!!! So I keep an eye on her Artfire website as well as her Facebook page to make sure I don't miss out. Plus those giveaways on her Facebook page are pretty great too!

Love Spell Cupcake Soap $7.50
This scent is a Victoria's Secret dupe for the scent with the same name and it's a great one. Smells just like it which I love! It's a pretty, sweet and girly scent. I've already tried this soap and it leaves your skin nicely scented and like with all of Melissa's soaps, they rinse off very clean, never leaving you filmy. Love how strong this scent is and as a bonus, the "frosting" doubles as shaving cream. The only drawback is that they got a little squished during shipping. They looked absolutely delicious freshly made.

Manly Soap
(forget the exact name of this one but it's also a close take on one of the Axe body sprays I believe). This one definitely smells manly and I don't mean just a little. It's a strong, musky scent with some citrus notes from what I can smell. This is the scent you can see evaporating off the chiseled abs of a freshly showered, delicious smelling guy. Daydreaming, sorry! I did use this one as well and it's again very strongly scented and leaves you smelling very nice. Rinses off clean as well. Check out the colors in this one!

Sexy in Stilettos
Love, love, love!!! I have the candle from Candles by Victoria and now I can literally shower in it which is a dream come true. This is a sweet and sexy scent and I can't wait to try this one. But I should stick to one shower per day instead of thinking up excuses to bathe again.

     How gorgeous are these?! I just wish you could smell them. I must make a confession as well. Just as with my candles, at the end of the day I spend a good few minutes going through my stash, sniffing and trying to see what I'm feeling like today. It's a very important decision :) I highly recommend a relaxing shower or bath at the end of a long day, with these scented beauties.
Happy bubbles!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos, as always! And your lovely descriptions make it so much easier to know which ones I'm most anxious to try! :)

    1. Aww, thank you Beth! And thank you for taking the time to comment on my little blog :)