Friday, December 16, 2011

If You Love CBV, Just Check out Soaps by Melissa!!!


     As if one addiction wasn't enough, Victoria, owner of Candles by Victoria has a very talented daughter, Melissa, who has recently branched out and started making handmade soaps in some of the same scents as CBV candles. So if you love Rock That Vanilla as a candle like I do, you will just adore being able to rub-a-dub-dub with the same matching scent in a moisturizing quality soap. And let me tell you, these are a new treasure to be uncovered! They smell amazing, are very affordable and like Candles by Victoria, they are made with love, and served with impeccable customer service. It runs in the family!

     Eventually Melissa's plan is to have all the scents in soap form, but for now the growing list includes six types of soap and they can be found on sale Shipping is super affordable as well. First item is $2.90 and each additional item, just an extra $1. I have tried most of these as they became available, so I will do a quick review of them along with some pics of these beauties.

     Bath Time With Pooh-Popular soap scent dupe. Smells really good! Honey with toffee soft soapy scent. I also have the candle and original soap this is duping and I must say this one looks 10 times better first of all and it smells just as good if not better. Also matches the candle scent perfectly! So if you like Bath Time With Pooh from CBV, you will love to take it to the shower! My only issue with this one is that the scent isn't very strong, which might just be me, but I like strong scents. Doesn't it look gorgeous with the oatmeal sprinkled on top?!

     Bella Swan-I tried the CBV scent in a scent shot of this and I must say the scent matches perfectly and it's a beautiful sweet and flowery scent. Just like what Bella's described as smelling in the book. Love it! This scent is nice and strong, and it lingers as well. Another nice thing about these soaps is the lathering. It's great! Here's a pic of Bella Swan, with a slice taken off on one side. Notice the glitter layer on top!

     Rock That Vanilla-my absolute favorite CBV scent!!! This is like a sexy, edgy vanilla. Just beautiful scent. It's another dupe for a conditioner scent and it's a dead on match. The soap definitely does it justice as well. Nice and strong scent, lathers good and doesn't leave you filmy. But it also doesn't dry out your skin. She made this one in a two layer combo of black and white, swirled together in the middle. Love it!!! Check this one out!

     Pink Sugar Cheesecake Bar-Pink Sugar perfume dupe scent. Very pretty and sweet. Scent is nice and strong and smells just like the perfume which I have. Love this one as well! And it looks delicious :) Pretty glittery stars on top along with a darker pink layer.

     I'm so excited about the potential of this new line of soaps in all these wonderful scents! I can't wait to see which new scents Melissa will pick next and I will try to hold off until there's a few new ones so I can get them all together but it's been very tempting to get them as soon as she puts them up. Keep in mind that once they're sold out she unlists them as being for sale until she makes the next batch, so what you see is what's available at that time. The come in a decorated cello bag and tied with a pretty ribbon; perfect for gift giving if you can bear to part with them, and let me tell you, it's difficult! I am way too excited about these to keep them to myself though. A quick tip for all of you is to cut off a slice of about an inch and use that until it's gone instead of the whole soap. The whole thing will not be exposed to water, therefore last longer. You can also place them at different hand washing stations in your house since these leave you squeaky clean. Here's what my kitchen one looks like:

     What do you all think of these? Sexy in Stilettos is the next one I'm dying to try out. Happy Bubbles!

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  1. i love my pink sugar and rock that vanilla soaps but i also love the color of your green nail polish! :)