Friday, December 9, 2011

All I Want For Christmas is CBV!!!

     This will most likely be my last Candles by Victoria review of the year since I need to concentrate on Christmas presents for the kids and I doubt they would appreciate candles and scent shots :) But for those people (ladies) in my life that would enjoy candles, that is what they already received from me as their present. Because I love sharing my CBV addiction and I can't think of anything more perfect to give as presents.
     This last order included a Country Sampler Pack, which includes 6 candles, 9 oz each in the scents of your choice. All of these were picked out as presents and then I threw in some scents shots for myself because I just couldn't resist. I wish I could say I got to sniff some of the new scents I ordered in the sampler pack before I gave them away but I didn't except for two, which I will include here. I was careful though; I picked out mostly scents I have already tried just to make sure I wasn't too tempted to keep them for myself.

9oz Country Jars

Bath Time With Pooh-I have this scent in a dot bowl and I love it. It's one of the most popular scents among CBV addicts and pretty universal. You can never go wrong with this one and that's why it's one of my present scents. This is a Lush dupe for Honey I Washed The Kids and I must say it smells 10 times better than the soap that it's duping. I get a hit of lemon, toffee, honey and a clean, creamy  and soapy smell. Awesome scent with an awesome throw in the bowl size, which you can find here.

Ginger Peach-This isn't as tart as other peach and apricot scents. It's more of a comfort bakery scent to me. I smell mostly ginger so far and I'm sure this needs more curing since it's only a couple of weeks old and seems like a more complex scent. I'd really want the peach to come out more. Overall it's not bad at all and I'd be curious to see how it cures but this is a present as well. Hope that special person likes it!!!

Scent Shots:

Chocolate Orange-I get more of an orange peel scent in this one with a nice not yet rich milk chocolate. It's actually pretty close to those chocolate oranges you get around the holidays that you smash and eat. Love those!!!

Chocolate Strawberries-This scent shot isn't quite cured yet so I'm just getting a bit of a tart strawberry with a slight waxiness to it. No chocolate scent in here so far at all. I really hope this gets better but so far I'm not digging it.

Birds of Paradise-Not sure what the actual flower smells like but this definitely smells tropical and fruity to me with a hint of creaminess. It is listed under fruity fragrances so that makes sense. The most predominant scent I get here is strawberries. I really like this one! Think it will be perfect come summer!

Daffodil-This is one of my fave flowers yet I'm not loving this scent just yet. It's a nice floral but more of a clean laundry type of scent. Just not what I expected.

Sunflower-I'm not sure if sunflowers have a scent but this is a nice, sunny yellow in color with a cheery scent to match. The description states that this is a dupe for the Sunflower perfume so I can see that. Very nice and perfect for spring!

Peanut Butter Cookies-I get a bakery scent just not sure if it's peanut butter. There's some butteriness to it as well. It's totally one of those scents that needs to cure in order for it to smell just right so I will give it more time before melting. A lot of people seem to like this one so I know it has potential.

Banana Pancake-I get some bakery notes, some spices but very slight banana scent so far. I think I'm going to love this one! The spices aren't overwhelming at all and the banana seems like it's a banana candy type of scent.

Pearberry Fun-Love this one!!! It's a clean fruity type. Very nice! BBW dupe and it's dead on.

Black Raspberry Vanilla-Another BBW dupe and again, dead on. Love this one as well. Fruity with a hint of perfumey vanilla.

Blue Sugar Cotton Candy- This one's popular but I'm afraid I don't love it. I smell Pink Sugar the perfume with a hint of citrus and something musky as well as some patchouli. Super sweet without being a bakery type. Maybe I will like this one more once I melt it.

Wood Nymph-Very nice scent. First thing that pops out is something woodsy and citrusy. Definitely an earthy type scent but it's also fresh and pretty. Smells very familiar, I just can't pinpoint it. Love it!

Pink Bubblegum Crush-Very sugary sweet. This smells just like that blue bubblegum snow cone syrup. Same type as Blue Sugar Cotton Candy. Seems to be pretty popular as well but I don't love it.

Carrot Cake Orange Delight-I get sparkly orange soda with some bakery notes. The orange is really strong too and I also smell some spiciness as well. This has a strong throw!

Apple Cobbler-super yummy scent with a nice fresh apple and subtle bakery scent. Very nice!!! Just as good as the pear one.

Berry Me Alive-Sweet, red fruit scent. I get mostly dark red cherries, syrupy sweet and some citrus. This is super strong in ss form. I really do love this one!

Vanilla Bean Noel-Not sure if I've reviewed this one before but just in case here it is. This is a BBW dupe and it's pretty similar but I wouldn't say exact. This one seems to be more sugary sweet than the BBW one.  Very nice creamy vanilla scent. It doesn't seem all that strong so I think this would be good as a scent shot only type or maybe Scoop Some Scent.

Raspberry Violet-LOVE this one! Very pretty scent. I can smell raspberries along with a nice perfumey flowery scent. It is a sweet scent but more fruity sweet rather than sugary sweet and it's a very rich scent.

Egyptian Musk-Another LOVE! Gorgeous sultry scent. A bit musky, a bit floral and earthy. Other than that, it's kind of hard to describe but this would be a great bedroom scent.

Christmas Tree-This smells very similar to Piney Forest to me. It's a sharp evergreen scent and it really does smell like a Christmas tree although I'm trying to decide whether I like Sugared Spruce better.

Cinnamon Stick (free ss)- Because Victoria is awesome, every order includes a free scent shot of their choice and it helps step out of your scent comfort zone. You would be surprised to learn some of the scents you might like that you would never think to order on your own. Cinnamon Stick smells just like it's namesake. It's a nice, strong, red hot cinnamon smell. Perfect for mixing and for the holidays.

     That's it folks! Have you tried any of these or are you dying to try a few of these? More CBV reviews coming next year :) Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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  1. now you've got me wanting some new scents. sigh. heck, any occasion is perfect for cbv!!! i am way too obsessed but i'm not ashamed. if we start up a cbv anonymous, we could talk about all the reasons why we are so addicted. 1-800 cbv-help, lol ;o)