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My new addiction-Candles By Victoria

     I've always loved candles but never like this. A few years ago I stumbled upon this very cute and pretty website and was so drawn in that I wanted to try out some scents even without smelling them first. I was very tempted. I mean, I've never ever thought of ordering something without smelling it in person first! That just seemed so crazy. This lovely website wasn't just about looks after all. Victoria's list of scents is getting closer to 700 as we speak! It's not for the faint of heart by any means. Her candles are triple scented! All other candle brands out there don't stand a chance. And it can be downright intimidating, or if you're like me, you can see it as a challenge. One that I'm more than willing to take head on.
     My journey began by doing some research. I mean, where do you start when you have so many scents to pick from and until now all you've known are the plain scents from main stream candle companies?! A few clever ways to find out more about CBV is to "Like" her Facebook page: Here, to check out her cute website Candles by Victoria and to browse and join The Pouring Pot Candle Message Board  which is super helpful and has a bunch of lovely candle loving people, ready to jump in and help. Another great tip is to browse YouTube for CBV scent reviews. Until now I didn't realize they even existed. All of the reviewers that I've watched so far have been so talented and helpful in describing these scents. It's almost like I'm right there next to them sniffing along.
     So, after some virtual sniffing I placed my first order. A couple dozens of scent shots, which are heavily scented 2oz wax tarts. They are individually packaged in a little plastic container; a convenient way to sample scents for $2 a piece before committing to a large kettle candle for example. I'm not kidding! After sampling a bunch of my scent shots and going to scent heaven for a while, I got brave and ordered a No Frills Sampler, which contains 6 cute candle jars, 8oz each, and in any scent choice! (see pic above) Yes, there's a bunch more stuff in the pic, I got carried away...and I will go through it all. Here is the list:

Manhattan, Top Shelf Black Label-The Black Label line is Victoria's new candle line that is more upscale and extra high quality. These are 14oz and highly scented. They look very nice on display but this one smells incredible. One of my faves so far is Manhattan. It's pretty, floral,  feminine, musky and a bit perfumey. I find it intriguing and sexy. The descriptions says it is a combination of orchids, carnation, cumin, bergamot, jasmine, fennel, Madagascar vanilla, patchouli, amber and must. Yes, it truly is an exotic and enticing scent. Love it!

007-Another Black Label candle, this one is feminine again, floral and smells powdery to me, light and pretty, picture fairy dust :) I do like it as well so I'm glad I chose this one as well since I just went by the description since I just couldn't wait to try them out!

3 More scents were recently added to the Black Label line and I'm excited to say that I will be trying out Mouline Rouge next. Can't wait!!! Now on to the No Frills Sampler pack. That is 6 candles in my scent choices, 8oz jars with lids.

Leesha-This one is not too sweet to me, bakery scent for sure but more of a coffee cake smell, can't smell the apple yet, maybe needs more curing time. I do get some caramel smell from it or maybe brown sugar. Edited to add that after burning I started getting a fuel type smell and it could even be a metal smell. Not sure what it is or if it's just me. I can still smell some of the bakery notes in here but when it's lit, it doesn't smell right anymore.

Pumpkin Apple Cinnamon Bread-This one is divine. Such  a yummy classic fall bakery scent. Just comforting and yummy and everything good in one candle. No wonder it's so popular. Lots of apple scent in there and not overpowered by cinnamon which makes this one a fave for me!!! Gotta have it!

Fruit Loops-This reminds me of a candle I had before that I got really tired of so I had to give it away. To its defense, it really does smell like fruit loops, no question and if you love that smell then it's just delish. I got a lot of sweet lemony candy smell from it.

What Goes Around Comes Around-Strong patchouli scent, a bit too much for me. It's not bad and cold it actually smells quite nice, but warmed it's just a whole lot of patchouli!!! Not a fave here.

Rapture-Very close dupe for VS Rapture perfume scent. Sweet floral, perfumey scent, feminine and if you like that scent then it's perfect, smells just like it. Good sexy bedroom scent.

Clothesline Fresh-Nice strong fresh and clean Febreeze like scent. Great for cleaning house! Strong enough to open the windows to get the house aired out and still be able to smell it!

2 oz scent shots:

Banana Brown Sugar Drizzle-I got no banana from this when I first smelled it but after a month of curing, I get the most delicious banana. Sweet, strong and buttery and super yummy. The banana is that banana candy smell like banana taffy.

Apricot Crumb Cake-At first this was super tangy and that was it, but after curing, the apricot got sweeter and the bakery scent is coming out a lot more especially warmed.

Granny's Pie Crust-Again, could care less before curing, but after a month or so, this became a yummy true to its name scent that is just amazing. Buttery and already baked golden pie crust. Not too sweet and a bit of a salt scent in there, like an unfilled crust ready to be filled with something delicious. I can totally see this as a good one to be mixed and see why so many are doing it!

Country Fair Funnel Cake-This is another fave for me. I can smell the delicious fresh fried sweetness of the dough. Very comforting and yummy scent and well rounded. This one is another must get scent, just amazing!

Oatmeal Lemon Cookies-Another one of those bakery lemon smells I got tired of. It's not bad, actually I can see it being quite yummy if I could get past the lemony tang I got burnt out on.

Cinnamon Doughnuts-Sweet cinnamony doughnut, smell the dough and everything! Delicious! I like this one better than Cinnabon. It's more buttery and I like that.

Shamrock Kiss-This is a nice, perfumey sweet smell with some green note in it. Very pretty!

Sophie Belle-smells musky and sweet, with a bit of a grape scent to me, it's been getting better every time I smell it so maybe someday soon I will love it. So far not a fave.

Chantilly Lace-much nicer now after curing. It balanced out so nicely! It's girly, powdery, white floral scent, rich and musky. To me it smells a bit similar to 007 from the Black Label line.

Mediterranean Fig- Love this one! Green, earthy and fresh and a bit musky. Very nice!

Free SS: Apple Cinnamon Butter-Not very buttery, but I do get more apple in it than before, it's also tart apple and not very cinnamony. This one might need more time...

My current collection includes about 67 Scent Shots total so I will get some more reviews up. There's a lot more scents that I would love to talk about. As a side note, just because I don't LOVE a scent doesn't mean that I don't like having it as a ss just when I need a quick change and something new and a fresh perspective. They all are different and have their own quality that I like to appreciate even if I don't completely love them. But as I have learned, curing makes such a huge difference and now I'm loving scents I wasn't impressed by in the beginning.

Quick recap: Must get scents are Pumpkin Apple Cinnamon Bread, Mediterranean Fig, Country Fair Funnel Cake and Banana Brown Sugar Drizzle. If you're more of a floral person then Chantilly Lace is a must along with Manhattan.

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