Saturday, October 29, 2011

Candles by Victoria Jars and Sizes

     Besides the numerous scents one can pick from Candles by Victoria, there are also quite a few jar sizes and bowls you can pick for your special scent to go in. Here's what I have so far:

Top Shelf Black Label Manhattan: There are 12 scents in this line so far and I have tried 2 of them, both excellent! Here is a link to where they are located on page 19 of the online catalog, and they are $18.50 and well worth it!
16oz Country Jar: Can be purchased individually or part of a set of six. Each one is $12.50 and they are located here.

9oz Country Jar: These are the shorter jars, cutest ones in my opinion. Again can be purchased alone or in sets of 6. Click here to check those out!

8oz No Frills Jar: Smallest country jar and it's tall and skinny. Burns great and has a nice throw depending on the scent. I'm only seeing these available in a set of six here and in a surprise candle for $7.25 here, where you get a layered candle in many surprise scents.

This is just what I have tried so far and there's many more to come in my next few orders. My personal fave so far is the 9oz shorter Country jar. They are just too cute!


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