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Another Candles by Victoria review of the rest of my scent shots, as promissed!


     I counted about 67 scent shots total  that I ordered from and I will go through the rest of them here as promised in my previous post. For more information about Candles by Victoria please see my Candles By Victoria introduction. I will try to split them up by category since that is how the website is set up when you look at scent descriptions. There is a very helpful list that describes each and every scent available and includes the notes present it those scents. Gotta love it!

Cherry Cobbler-Very strong cherry smell and so far after a month or so of curing I still get very little bakery in this, but more than before. I get mostly tart, juicy, dark red cherries.

Candy Corn-All I get is a waxy smell so maybe it needs more curing. Hard to explain but it's waxy and a bit buttery. I haven't warmed this one yet so maybe more notes come out warmed, or maybe it really does just need more curing time.

Amish Quilt-Love this one more and more every time I warm it. When cold, it's very spicy, not really a bakery type scent and a bit of sweetness in there but not much. I get a lot of clove and nutmeg in here not just cinnamon. Super spicy. But when warmed for a while, it mellows out a bit, more bakery comes out and the scent becomes very nice, comforting and a great complex fall scent to me.

Apple Cider-(under bakery scents?) Not sure why this one is under the bakery list. I get some cinnamon in there for sure, but after more curing a lot more real apple scent comes through. I think there's must be some clove in there too. Kind of reminds me of the spiced apple cider from Trader Joes.

Butter Rum Crunch-this is a sweet, buttery toffee scent with rum. Very yummy! Love it!

Cajun Cornbread-#1 favorite scent right now. I am so in love with this one! Just so amazing! Reminds me of something with a tang, while growing up, I just don't remember what, but something from when I was little. Maybe it's the peach preserves scent in there.  This is a very yummy bakery scent, but it's definitely not your regular run of the mill bakery type. If you're planning an order, this one is a must!!!

Caramelized Pralines-very caramely, comforting scent. A bit nutty. This is missing something to me. A lot of people love this one and maybe it will do better after some more curing. I'm thinking this would be great in a "Create a Scent" (CAS) candle, mixed with something else.

Cherry Almond-This is a super strong cherry and almond scent. If I smell it long enough my nose starts tingling from it, almost like it's spicy. It's a very nice combination and a great scent for those that appreciate this type. I like it but I'm hoping more notes will come out once it cures some more.

Cinnabon-at first this was just super cinnamony to me but now I get this delicious warm doughy goodness coming through the cinnamon. Very true to its name.

Country Bumpkin-Another super spicy scent. There's some sweetness in there as well but not as much. This is a bakery cinnamon I'm getting, not a red hot cinnamon. This totally burns my nose if I sniff it long enough. Also mellows out and becomes a nice holiday scent, very good.

Country Coffee Cake-Bakery scent, lots of brown sugar, but that's pretty much all I smell in this one. Might need more curing.

Home Sweet Home-Spicy cinnamon, that's all I smell in this one so far.

Marshmallow Campfire-Love this one! Lots of notes in there. I get an outdoorsy campfire smell, some perfumey notes...Hard to describe for sure but very nice. A bit creamy, almost musky. Very nice!

Orange Almond Lace Cookie-In this one, orange stands up well to the almond, which is usually super strong and overpowering. Sweet and tangy with some sugary bakery scent in there.

Pumpkin Pear Strudel-This is a very loved scent and it sounds wonderful but I'm a bit disappointed so far. All I'm getting from this one is pear, and actually it almost smells like apple. Sweet and fresh pear, but nothing else. Maybe it needs more curing as well.

Baked Apple Strudel-Tangy apple with some spice, not cinnamon to me but maybe clove.  This one might need more curing too.

White Chocolate Karibu-I totally smell the white chocolate in this one! Really yummy scent. It's got a creamy cocoa butter smell along with some popcorn in there but not overpowering. Sweet and buttery. Love it!

Vanilla After Dark-Perfumey vanilla, nice, soft and musky, not very strong and almost creamy. I'm going to try a couple other vanillas to compare but this one is quite pretty.

The Porridge Pot-Buttery and a bit salty but still a sweet smell, reminds me of buttery grits if they had a sweetness to them. I'm not really into this as it is, might be better mixed with something for a kick and excitement :)

some fresh and clean scents...

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey-Before curing this was quite bland but now I get almost a tang to go along with a cereal like sweetness, even a bit of perfuminess to it. I wouldn't say it's a fresh and clean scent though, more like a bakery scent. My nose doesn't really like this one.

Purely Herbal-This is supposed to smell like the old Herbal Essence shampoo but I guess it's not the one I've tried before because I didn't recognize it. I get some green notes in there but that's about it. This was a trade out.

Storm Watch-Nice and strong, clean scent. Reminds me the most so far of fabric softener. Very nice, airy. I can almost feel and smell the quiet before a storm. This would be perfect for a rainy or windy day. Love it!

Sugared Spruce-Popular scent. Nice pleasant evergreen smell with a sweetness to it that is soft and not overpowering but it does mellow out that sharp tree scent. I got this in a larger candle and I am curious to see how it is after some more curing and also how it smells burning instead of warming.

earthy types...

Autumn Leaves-Another love! You can close your eyes and smell rusty fallen leaves that got wet from the rain. Amazing how accurate this smell is and how true to its name. Perfect for a fall day! Outdoorsy and fresh!

fruity types...

Apples & Oaks-Another very good outdoorsy fall scent. Very nice and crisp apple scent with a woody note to it. I can smell both the apple and oak equally. It's a pretty straightforward smell to me and it's nice to have a fall scent that is not spicy at all, and it doesn't even miss it. Perfect!!!

Best Friends-I loved this as soon as I melted it. This is a fine example of loving something I never would have thought I would. This was a trade scent and it's mostly berries. Very nice, a bit sweet berry scent with some vanilla creaminess. Can't wait to get my candle in this scent!

Fig Lychee-Not a fan of this one even though I think a lot of people like this. It's very sweet to me, fruity and green at the same time and I also get almost a bubble gum smell in there, which makes for a weird scent to me.

Fizzy Pop-Dead on citrus soda like 7Up complete with bubbles. Had to try it! It's really true, you can feel the bubbles when you smell this. I can see this mixed with something else especially for a summery scent but don't love it on it's own all that much.

French Vanilla Pear-I believe this one needs more curing still. It's a lot better than when I first got it but I think it still has a way to go. I get a bakery vanilla, sweet ripe pear. The pear is really nice but not so sure the bakery vanilla goes well in here.

Honeydew Pear-All I get in this one is a candy melon smell. I can't smell any pear what so ever in here, maybe cause the melon is so strong.

Orange Vanilla-Much nicer after some curing. In the beginning the orange was really overpowering the vanilla but now it's much nicer. I'm starting to almost get a creamy orange from it which would compare to an Orange Julius. I'm liking this one more and more each time I smell it.

Peach Ambrosia-This is a nice, sweet and juicy peach smell. Might need more curing to get more notes from this.

Poisoned Apple-This just smelled like plain apple to me, not very impressive. I'm working on finding some other apple scents that I do like but to me they are a bit plain so I'm trying Enchanted Apple and Winter Candy Apple next, review for those will be in future posts.

house blends...

Genevieve's Tea Ring-Very nice, comforting bakery type scent. Lots of different notes in this. Love it! Same level with Cajun Cornbread for me. Can't wait to get my candle in this scent.

Jacob Black-Named after Jacob Black from the Twilight series, who is Bella's werewolf friend, this smells like a manly, musky scent with some pine and a tad of cinnamon. Very nice sexy "guy" scent.

Bella Swan-This is a nice fruity and floral scent. Very pretty and girly but also different from anything I've ever smelled before. A big fave for a lot of CBV fans.

Edward Cullen-Again from the Twilight series, this was created after the author's description of Edward. It's said that he smelled like honey and sunlight. I get a honey type scent from this, maybe some lemon, but overall I'm not in love with this scent. It's just hard to categorize and describe and it doesn't sit well with my nose.

Nut House-This is a super strong almond cherry scent. There is a pistachio pudding note to it which adds sweetness. Very nice when warmed and more notes come out. Almond mellows out and it becomes more complex.

Sexy in Stilettos-Another LOVE! I didn't think much of this until it was warmed. Then it hit me. The most gorgeous pretty and girly scent ever! Sweet, perfumey, sexy and sensual. A strong one for sure, which I love!

Simply Delicious-Not too impressed with this one, I'm guessing it might need more curing time since so many people do like it. All I get so far is a semi-sweet bakery note, same family as Country Coffee Cake.

Twilight-Bella and Edward scents mixed together. Still not of fan of Edward and I can totally smell it in here, but Bella does make it better.

Trick or Treat-Very nice Fall scent. Buttery, sweet and yummy! It smells like candy corn and honey butter.

Why I Autumn-This is a very strong scent that is personally not for me. I get a ton of Anise from it and it overpowers everything else in there, including the cinnamon. My husband on the other hand, who doesn't like much, actually likes this one. I might let it sit and cure longer and see what becomes of the scent.

Candleman's Closet...

Bath Time with Pooh-Creamy toffee, honey scent. Soft, light and pleasant. This is a big people pleaser. Love it!

Christmas/winter scents...

Christmas Apple Cider Snap-Cinnamon Red Hots is most of what I get from this. There's a bit of fruitiness but it's mainly a very spicy cinnamon scent, and if I smell it long and deep my nose starts to burn a bit. Crazy!

Christmas Cabernet-Super sweet grape juice. I'm not too sure about this one. I don't think I like it yet, maybe needs more curing time.

Winter Snowflake-Super strong peppermint!!! If you're looking for a scent to open up your sinuses and you like the strong minty scent this is it! It's supposed to have a Christmas tree scent in there I believe but I don't really smell it. This smells like the inside of a peppermint patty to me but it's not really creamy. I tried mixing this with Vanilla After Dark but it overpowered it and didn't go very good with it anyway.

Warm Christmas Splendor-This is a well blended and well balanced spicy scent. Good Christmas scent.

Old Fashioned Christmas-Very sweet, fruity and spicy. I think I smell some citrus in there as well.

perfume types...

Blackberry Amber-(free ss) I believe this is another BBW dupe but I don't remember smelling the original so I can't really compare. It smells perfumey and fruity to me but it also has a bitterness to it that bothers me. It's really musky which I like. Makes me wonder if I would like this better after it cures some more.

Aquolina Blue Sugar-Not as sweet as Pink Sugar but it's still a sweet, sugary smell and I get some vanilla and perfumey scent. This got a lot better after curing some, definitely got more complex. It almost has a soapy smell and it's a bit of a fresh scent compared to Pink Sugar.

Pink Sugar-Super sweet powdery sugar scent, just delicious! This is an Aquolina perfume dupe. I get a pink cotton candy with a little musk and kind of perfumey. Perfect dupe! I purchased the perfume after smelling the scent shot, so that I could compare, since I really liked it.

Moonlight Path-Absolutely love this!!! The BBW scent it's duping was my special honey moon scent so it brings back memories from a long time ago :) This is a dead on dupe and I love it just the same. It's a gorgeous romantic scent.

tropical types...

Salty Sea Air-Very nice fresh scent with a soapy note and some floral notes coming out after a couple of months curing time. I can close my eyes and inhale and feel like I'm at the beach on a cold day and smelling the refreshing salty ocean breeze. Love this!!!

Those were some brief descriptions of my scent shots so far along with a couple of candle scents. I just tried to include everything I have smelled from CBV that I have so far so that when my next order arrives I can just pick up from there. I also highlighted the ones I highly recommend :) Scent shots are 2oz of triple scented wax that you melt in a warmer. These are very strong and are a good option when you're trying out new scents and aren't sure you want to risk getting a large candle before smelling it. Keep in mind though that these are a lot stronger than a candle will be in the same scent. Candles usually mellow out, so a scent that might be super strong in a scent shot, will most likely be a perfect throw candle. You can check out all the scent shot options here, and you can pick any scent CBV makes except for the new Black Label candles. This is what they look like by the way:
And here's 1/4 of a scent shot, which is how much I need to use at one time and even this much is too strong for some scents.

And they all come in gorgeous different colors!!!

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