Friday, December 16, 2011

If You Love CBV, Just Check out Soaps by Melissa!!!


     As if one addiction wasn't enough, Victoria, owner of Candles by Victoria has a very talented daughter, Melissa, who has recently branched out and started making handmade soaps in some of the same scents as CBV candles. So if you love Rock That Vanilla as a candle like I do, you will just adore being able to rub-a-dub-dub with the same matching scent in a moisturizing quality soap. And let me tell you, these are a new treasure to be uncovered! They smell amazing, are very affordable and like Candles by Victoria, they are made with love, and served with impeccable customer service. It runs in the family!

     Eventually Melissa's plan is to have all the scents in soap form, but for now the growing list includes six types of soap and they can be found on sale Shipping is super affordable as well. First item is $2.90 and each additional item, just an extra $1. I have tried most of these as they became available, so I will do a quick review of them along with some pics of these beauties.

     Bath Time With Pooh-Popular soap scent dupe. Smells really good! Honey with toffee soft soapy scent. I also have the candle and original soap this is duping and I must say this one looks 10 times better first of all and it smells just as good if not better. Also matches the candle scent perfectly! So if you like Bath Time With Pooh from CBV, you will love to take it to the shower! My only issue with this one is that the scent isn't very strong, which might just be me, but I like strong scents. Doesn't it look gorgeous with the oatmeal sprinkled on top?!

     Bella Swan-I tried the CBV scent in a scent shot of this and I must say the scent matches perfectly and it's a beautiful sweet and flowery scent. Just like what Bella's described as smelling in the book. Love it! This scent is nice and strong, and it lingers as well. Another nice thing about these soaps is the lathering. It's great! Here's a pic of Bella Swan, with a slice taken off on one side. Notice the glitter layer on top!

     Rock That Vanilla-my absolute favorite CBV scent!!! This is like a sexy, edgy vanilla. Just beautiful scent. It's another dupe for a conditioner scent and it's a dead on match. The soap definitely does it justice as well. Nice and strong scent, lathers good and doesn't leave you filmy. But it also doesn't dry out your skin. She made this one in a two layer combo of black and white, swirled together in the middle. Love it!!! Check this one out!

     Pink Sugar Cheesecake Bar-Pink Sugar perfume dupe scent. Very pretty and sweet. Scent is nice and strong and smells just like the perfume which I have. Love this one as well! And it looks delicious :) Pretty glittery stars on top along with a darker pink layer.

     I'm so excited about the potential of this new line of soaps in all these wonderful scents! I can't wait to see which new scents Melissa will pick next and I will try to hold off until there's a few new ones so I can get them all together but it's been very tempting to get them as soon as she puts them up. Keep in mind that once they're sold out she unlists them as being for sale until she makes the next batch, so what you see is what's available at that time. The come in a decorated cello bag and tied with a pretty ribbon; perfect for gift giving if you can bear to part with them, and let me tell you, it's difficult! I am way too excited about these to keep them to myself though. A quick tip for all of you is to cut off a slice of about an inch and use that until it's gone instead of the whole soap. The whole thing will not be exposed to water, therefore last longer. You can also place them at different hand washing stations in your house since these leave you squeaky clean. Here's what my kitchen one looks like:

     What do you all think of these? Sexy in Stilettos is the next one I'm dying to try out. Happy Bubbles!

Friday, December 9, 2011

All I Want For Christmas is CBV!!!

     This will most likely be my last Candles by Victoria review of the year since I need to concentrate on Christmas presents for the kids and I doubt they would appreciate candles and scent shots :) But for those people (ladies) in my life that would enjoy candles, that is what they already received from me as their present. Because I love sharing my CBV addiction and I can't think of anything more perfect to give as presents.
     This last order included a Country Sampler Pack, which includes 6 candles, 9 oz each in the scents of your choice. All of these were picked out as presents and then I threw in some scents shots for myself because I just couldn't resist. I wish I could say I got to sniff some of the new scents I ordered in the sampler pack before I gave them away but I didn't except for two, which I will include here. I was careful though; I picked out mostly scents I have already tried just to make sure I wasn't too tempted to keep them for myself.

9oz Country Jars

Bath Time With Pooh-I have this scent in a dot bowl and I love it. It's one of the most popular scents among CBV addicts and pretty universal. You can never go wrong with this one and that's why it's one of my present scents. This is a Lush dupe for Honey I Washed The Kids and I must say it smells 10 times better than the soap that it's duping. I get a hit of lemon, toffee, honey and a clean, creamy  and soapy smell. Awesome scent with an awesome throw in the bowl size, which you can find here.

Ginger Peach-This isn't as tart as other peach and apricot scents. It's more of a comfort bakery scent to me. I smell mostly ginger so far and I'm sure this needs more curing since it's only a couple of weeks old and seems like a more complex scent. I'd really want the peach to come out more. Overall it's not bad at all and I'd be curious to see how it cures but this is a present as well. Hope that special person likes it!!!

Scent Shots:

Chocolate Orange-I get more of an orange peel scent in this one with a nice not yet rich milk chocolate. It's actually pretty close to those chocolate oranges you get around the holidays that you smash and eat. Love those!!!

Chocolate Strawberries-This scent shot isn't quite cured yet so I'm just getting a bit of a tart strawberry with a slight waxiness to it. No chocolate scent in here so far at all. I really hope this gets better but so far I'm not digging it.

Birds of Paradise-Not sure what the actual flower smells like but this definitely smells tropical and fruity to me with a hint of creaminess. It is listed under fruity fragrances so that makes sense. The most predominant scent I get here is strawberries. I really like this one! Think it will be perfect come summer!

Daffodil-This is one of my fave flowers yet I'm not loving this scent just yet. It's a nice floral but more of a clean laundry type of scent. Just not what I expected.

Sunflower-I'm not sure if sunflowers have a scent but this is a nice, sunny yellow in color with a cheery scent to match. The description states that this is a dupe for the Sunflower perfume so I can see that. Very nice and perfect for spring!

Peanut Butter Cookies-I get a bakery scent just not sure if it's peanut butter. There's some butteriness to it as well. It's totally one of those scents that needs to cure in order for it to smell just right so I will give it more time before melting. A lot of people seem to like this one so I know it has potential.

Banana Pancake-I get some bakery notes, some spices but very slight banana scent so far. I think I'm going to love this one! The spices aren't overwhelming at all and the banana seems like it's a banana candy type of scent.

Pearberry Fun-Love this one!!! It's a clean fruity type. Very nice! BBW dupe and it's dead on.

Black Raspberry Vanilla-Another BBW dupe and again, dead on. Love this one as well. Fruity with a hint of perfumey vanilla.

Blue Sugar Cotton Candy- This one's popular but I'm afraid I don't love it. I smell Pink Sugar the perfume with a hint of citrus and something musky as well as some patchouli. Super sweet without being a bakery type. Maybe I will like this one more once I melt it.

Wood Nymph-Very nice scent. First thing that pops out is something woodsy and citrusy. Definitely an earthy type scent but it's also fresh and pretty. Smells very familiar, I just can't pinpoint it. Love it!

Pink Bubblegum Crush-Very sugary sweet. This smells just like that blue bubblegum snow cone syrup. Same type as Blue Sugar Cotton Candy. Seems to be pretty popular as well but I don't love it.

Carrot Cake Orange Delight-I get sparkly orange soda with some bakery notes. The orange is really strong too and I also smell some spiciness as well. This has a strong throw!

Apple Cobbler-super yummy scent with a nice fresh apple and subtle bakery scent. Very nice!!! Just as good as the pear one.

Berry Me Alive-Sweet, red fruit scent. I get mostly dark red cherries, syrupy sweet and some citrus. This is super strong in ss form. I really do love this one!

Vanilla Bean Noel-Not sure if I've reviewed this one before but just in case here it is. This is a BBW dupe and it's pretty similar but I wouldn't say exact. This one seems to be more sugary sweet than the BBW one.  Very nice creamy vanilla scent. It doesn't seem all that strong so I think this would be good as a scent shot only type or maybe Scoop Some Scent.

Raspberry Violet-LOVE this one! Very pretty scent. I can smell raspberries along with a nice perfumey flowery scent. It is a sweet scent but more fruity sweet rather than sugary sweet and it's a very rich scent.

Egyptian Musk-Another LOVE! Gorgeous sultry scent. A bit musky, a bit floral and earthy. Other than that, it's kind of hard to describe but this would be a great bedroom scent.

Christmas Tree-This smells very similar to Piney Forest to me. It's a sharp evergreen scent and it really does smell like a Christmas tree although I'm trying to decide whether I like Sugared Spruce better.

Cinnamon Stick (free ss)- Because Victoria is awesome, every order includes a free scent shot of their choice and it helps step out of your scent comfort zone. You would be surprised to learn some of the scents you might like that you would never think to order on your own. Cinnamon Stick smells just like it's namesake. It's a nice, strong, red hot cinnamon smell. Perfect for mixing and for the holidays.

     That's it folks! Have you tried any of these or are you dying to try a few of these? More CBV reviews coming next year :) Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Size Matters in Candles by Victoria

      My newest order includes some new scent shots for the month of November as well as a few 4 oz minis, which are $5 on page 1. I usually get these little cuties in fresh and pretty scents for the bathroom since they aren't big enough to fill my living room with scent but do a great job in a smaller room. At the same time I'm able to get a sniff for what the wax smells like when burning as opposed to melting in a scent shot in case I'm considering a larger candle.
     Pretty much every month, Victoria comes out with a few new scents or new items, which keeps things interesting and exciting even if you've been a loyal customer for a long time. This time of the year, the scents tend to be a bit more festive :) Not all of my scents here are new, but the main point of this order was to try out some new scent shots with some "bonus" minis I couldn't resist!
     I received this order today and they are freshly poured. They are made when they are ordered so additional curing time might be needed. This review obviously will be just a quick cold sniff without them being cured so they are bound to get a lot better and stronger.

4oz Mini Jelly Jars:

Breath of Ireland-Beautiful floral scent. Fresh and clean with a sweet fruity kick. To me this smells EXACTLY like that Country Garden carpet powder by Glade. And I love it!!!

Peace-this smells just like the scent shot. I believe this is a Lush dupe. I get a creamy orange smell kind of like an orange creamsicle. It's not super fruity though and has some floral notes. This is a very nice and unique scent.

P.S. I Love You-BBW dupe. I'm not exactly sure I remember what the original scent smells like but this is a gorgeous nice, soft, powdery and pretty flowery scent. I really love it! Hope it will cure to be stronger cause right now it's really soft. Notes include citrus, neroli, orchid, jasmine, rose, amber and musk in the scent description.

Spellbound-This is a rich, juicy, sweet fruity scent. I get some buttery creaminess to it as well. Scent description lists cotton candy, along with apple, butter, caramel with base notes of vanilla, maple and spun sugar. I can definitely smell a sweet candy apple. Again, this is super fresh and could cure to be quite different and much better than it is now.

Unwind-just like the scent shot, I smell Eucalyptus, mint and rosemary, maybe some lavender. The scent description just has the rosemary, Lavender and Geranium. I'm not really sure what Geranium is supposed to smell like. This smells just like my massage place. Nice, fresh and clean relaxing spa type scent. Perfect for the bathroom. I think some people compare this one to Vicks and I guess I could see that. Very strong scent!

8oz No Frills Jar (I wanted this scent in a bit bigger jar)

Moonlight Path-since the one I had previously was given away as a gift, I had to get one for myself as well. This needs some curing, but after some time it will be a perfect BBW dupe. Love it!!! This is one of my go to romantic bedroom scents. You can see my previous description of this here!

2oz Scent Shots

Pink Cupcake-this is a very popular scent and I can see why. It's sweet and yummy! Smells just like the frosting on a cupcake. Very sugary bakery scent. Love this!!!

Tayberry & Teakwood-I've never heard of Tayberries so I have no clue what they smell like, but this scent is amazing! It's a pretty mix of berries and just a bit of woodsy notes. It does remind me some of Best Friends but so far I like this even better.

Fruit Your Cares Away (free ss)- This is a nice, creamy fruity smell. The back of this scent shot if you pop it out, smells like Juicy Fruit gum. Very nice. Glad to get to try this one as a bonus.

Fair Day-this is a mix of caramel apple and cotton candy. It's good but so far I just smell a woodsy, fresh and tart apple. In fact this smell exactly like Apples and Oak, so I'm wondering if they got switched up by mistake.

Sugared Corn Pudding-very popular scent already! I really like it even though I just know it will cure to be a lot better but I think it has a lot of potential. Buttery and sweet, a bit savory. I don't really get a corn smell but I do smell the creamy milk in the description.

Leaves Type-another BBW dupe that is amazing! A bit softer than the original so far, I get apple with some pleasant mild spice. To me, this is a perfect fall scent!

Tiffany D-another big fave! This smells like melons at first sniff but then it gets a bit more complex. I also get some sweetness to it, and that must be the cotton candy. The vanilla in it, really mellows out the strong melon scent.

Vanilla Bean Noel-BBW dupe of the festive winter vanilla. The notes are all there, soft and creamy, very similar to the original but it's really not cured and ready yet. This might need quite some time. Super soft scent so far but it's nice! Can't wait for this one to be ready!

Kettle Corn-I get a sweet and savory popcorn smell. Very realistic. Buttery!!! This makes me crave Kettle Corn.

Sweet Milk- (free ss from another order)-I was curious about this one. It's a sweet milky and creamy smell with vanilla. Pretty nice but not very strong.

9oz Country Jar

Apricot Freesia-I definitely get a sweet apricot smell. This was a trade so it's already burned some, so I get some of that smoky smell. Hoping that when I light it, only the wax scents come out because I think this would be really nice. You can smell both the apricot and freesia. Nice!

A few little samples:

Neroli Blossom-I absolutely love this. Such a beautiful flowery smell. Never heard of Neroli Blossom before but I really like it! Description says the scent is that of a blossom off the orange tree.

Apple Cobbler-I just get a very good apple scent with some very nice spice. It's a good scent but I think I've smelled a few already with a good apple scent but the bakery notes were missing. Maybe it will cure to include a bit more "cobbler" :)

Hello Dolly-this smells similar to Simply Delicious and Leesha to me. A nice bakery scent without anything too special or sweet, maybe a slight brown sugar note. Just a nice comforting scent.

So I love quite a few of these, besides the ones I've smelled before. Here's a recap of my faves: Tayberry and Teakwood, Sugared Corn Pudding, P.S. I Love You, Neroli Blossom, Moonlight Path and Breath of Ireland. Do you all like these cute jelly jars and do you find them strong enough?

                If scents were visible, as color is, you would see a summer garden in rainbow clouds.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wicked Wonders-Candles By Victoria

     Patience is not one of my stronger attributes! At all... So when it comes to letting my wonderful new candles from Candles by Victoria cure for at least a couple of weeks before burning, I experience pure agony! I totally cheat! I sniff and sniff, day after day, waiting for that nice ripe scent to come through enough so that I can finally light it. Since these candles are freshly poured when ordered, it's a good idea to let them "cure" for a while before burning in order to get a truer scent as well as stronger. For example, when I first received a couple of them were just OK, but after a couple of weeks they blossomed and bloomed into the most amazing scents ever! That's when I know it's time to light that baby up! A few devoted fans from the CBV message board The Pouring Pot have been known to patiently wait even 6 months if not longer, for that fully scented and ripe candle. Think of it as a nice expensive wine; the more it ages the better it gets.
     With that in mind, the review I will present to you bellow, will have my newest candle order which has been curing for about 2 weeks. These will get much better but I have already lit most of them. Again, patience is not my virtue :) Bellow I will go through some 9oz country jars that can be ordered in a Country Sampler pack of 6 for $47. Also some lovely and adorable Designer Bowl Candles which hold 16 oz of heavenly wax of your choice for $13.50 and finally a few super cute Mini Jelly Jars for $5 that allows everyone to see how a specific scent burns as opposed to how a scent shot melts. Let's not forget the highly sophisticated Black Label candles that come in 14oz for $18.50 and that use superior quality highly fragranced oils. As a bonus I also have included my absolute love, in a wonderfully large mustard jar containing a whopping 24oz for just $18.50!!! You can check that one out here. Then comes the lovely 22oz large tureen for $18.50 that I had the pleasure of designing myself.
Here we go:

9oz Country Jars

-Wintery Candy Apple-BBW dupe. I've smelled both before and can honestly say CBV one is a lot better and it's highly scented. This is sweet and a bit perfumey, candy apple scent. Love it!!!

-Sexy in Stilettos-just like the scent shot, this is very pretty but gets a lot better when warm. It's pretty, flowery and sweet. Perfect bedroom scent!

-Best Friends-luscious berries! This is a bit different than the scent shot so far. I get a strong dark berry rich scent. There's also a fuel type scent which I hope doesn't end up sticking around after some more curing. Not sure what causes that.

-Viva la Juicy-just like the perfume, sweet and pretty scent, not too heavy, but soft and fresh. Another great bedroom scent to me. Added the perfume to my wish list because I love this candle so much already. I could rub the wax and dab some behind my ear, but really I should just get the perfume :)

-Salty Sea Air-crisp and fresh, this smells just like the ocean. Picture cold water on an overcast day with waves hitting the sand and crisp bubbles breaking and releasing this scent. Very nice bathroom scent. This was a present so I won't likely get to see how it ends up curing but it already smelled really similar to the scent shot.

-Jacob Black-Victoria's interpretation of what Jacob Black would smell like from the Twilight series and inspired by the actual character descriptions in the book. This definitely smells like what Jacob should smell like and most likely does! Yummm! Earthy, manly cologne scent with a bit of a spice. This does smell different to me than the scent shot but it's still really good and it's super strong already. Yet another Christmas present.

-Lily of the Valley-present for my mom for her birthday because she likes this flower a lot, so maybe someday I might get a chance to see how it cured. Having smelled the real flowers growing up and knowing what they are supposed to smell like, I can tell that this scent is pretty close and realistic smelling just like all of Victoria's scents are. She's good :)

-Banana Coconut Cream Pie-the coconut in this is really creamy and strong here and I get some banana and bakery in the background. I haven't lit this one yet but cold I love it!!! It's gotten a lot stronger in these couple of weeks that I've had it too. It has that artificial banana candy smell as the banana note and it's good. Picture banana flavored taffy. Yummy! 

-Apples & Oaks-awesome scent! Just like the scent shot, this is fresh apple with an equally strong woodsy note but no musk or spice. Really fresh, realistic smelling scent. I just wish this would be stronger so maybe it needs more curing time. Great fall scent if you're looking to take a break from the spicy norm that's popular this time of the year.

-Rock that Vanilla-I believe this is becoming my new love. Since lighting it for the first time last night, I have fallen in love. What a great different and exciting vanilla scent! A dupe for a popular body wash scent I believe, this vanilla is sugary and a bit fruity. I also get some soapy and powdery smell and it's gotten a lot stronger than it was a couple of weeks ago.

-Marshmallow Campfire-creamy marshmallow scent, a bit of muskiness but not real campfire smell yet. The scent shot did have a campfire note to it so I'm sure it will come out in this as well maybe over time or when it's burned. Still super light so I hope it gets a lot stronger.

-Country Fair Funnel Cake-great bakery scent! Just as yummy as the scent shot, I get a nice doughy smell, deep fried and covered in snowy powdered sugar. Delicious and comforting!

-Heavy Metal-this was traded to me and it's another dupe for a soap. I have the actually soap sample to compare and they are identical! It smells sweet and pretty with some fruitiness in the background and some vanilla but with an edge. Burning this is pretty strong. It reached my living room from the bedroom!

Designer Bowl Candles

-Christmas Eve (snowman bowl)-Great Christmas scent! I get cloves, pine tree with a creaminess from the eggnog. Very festive in a beautiful red color. Can't wait to try it out! Update: I've since lit this recently and it's amazing! I love it!

-Bath Time With Pooh (pink dot bowl)-a super popular scent, this is another dupe for a popular soap. Smells like a soapy, honey and toffee scent and since I've also tried the soap, I can say it smells 10 times better! I must say that even when burning, this stays true and fresh like a scent shot melted would smell. It does not reflect the smokiness of the wick when burnt despite it's delicate scent (which is still really strong).

Mini Jelly Jars

-Moonlight Path-BBW dupe and it smells just like it if not better. This was a gift and regretted not getting one for myself so recently I did get one ordered as well. This is amazing! My favorite romantic scent. Flowers and a pretty soft musk scent, it's rich and sexy!

-Fresh Laundry-I've been looking for an accurate laundry softener scent and I can say now that I've found it. I love this one! Smells just like Bounce dryer sheets. I wish I would have gotten a bigger one. This is in the same family as Clothesline Fresh but in my opinion much, much better!

-Twilight Woods-BBW dupe, smells pretty similar although I believe this needs more curing. I'd like for it to be stronger too. Very pretty scent!

-Sugared Spruce-fresh Christmas tree dipped in white sugar, which takes the edge off the pine smell and makes it a lot friendlier. Fresh and woodsy and mellowed out, and still strongly scented. A lot of fans burn this year round, not just around Christmas time.

Black Label

-Moulin Rouge-on cold sniff, the first scent I get is a soft cinnamon but not a bakery scent. It's creamy, almost like a rich rice pudding with cinnamon. There are a lot of scents listed in the description, but this is so well blended, it's hard to pick out individual scents. Maybe once it cures more I will be able to pick up all the notes. Here's the actual scent description: Moulin Rouge - This fragrance is extremely complex and unique beginning with top notes of butter, almond, mandarin orange, lemon, herbaceous lime, and pineapple with nutty notes, maple, clove, cinnamon, spicy berry notes, sage, lavender, jasmine, and ozonic notes, with a dry down of creamy vanilla coconut, amber woods, cedar leaf, cedar wood, sandalwood, and exotic musk.

Mustard Jar

-Cajun Cornbread-Just as yummy and amazing as the scent shot! I get a tart/sweet dried apricot, salty cornbread and butter. Delicious!!! Savory and sweet bakery but not doughy. It smells like apricot jam on hot cornbread drizzled with honey butter. This is a great jar by the way, with an awesome scent throw. My #1 scent so far!

Large Tureen (Create a Scent+Pick your glitter)

-What Christmas Is All About-This is a combination of A Charlie Brown Christmas and Pumpkin Eggnog. I picked these 2 scents to be mixed together along with dark green and red glitter for a festive color and I absolutely love it!!! The scent includes everything I expect Christmas to smell like: yummy and festive. The eggnog really mellows down the spices in ACBC and takes the edge off, making it creamy and rich. It was so much fun picking which scents would go good together too. You can mix any of Victoria's scents and pick any of her glitter colors to make this amazing large tureen candle. It's absolutely beautiful and smells divine and I got to name the scent I created :) Take a look at this beauty:

     So there you go!!!  Another large haul of CBV candles, and I can now say I'm stocked up for a Christmas or two, and my house has never smelled better! Quick recap of must try scents: Bath Time With Pooh (creamy toffee and honey), a CAS (of course my What Christmas is All About), Cajun Cornbread (savory and sweet comforting bakery), Rock That Vanilla, Fresh Laundry (if you're looking for that type of clean scent), Moonlight Path (as an excellent dupe of a very romantic scent) and last but not least Sexy in Stilettos. Oh heck, I could keep going this time! I like them all! That's the upside of being able to try the scent shots first before buying the candles. Gotta love it! Must try jars are the mustard jar and tureen with glitter. Amazing scent throw and look gorgeous! Now run and get yourself a couple of these delicacies or 10, and make sure your loved ones get lots of hints about your new Christmas wish list ;) I did!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Round of Shots-Candles By Victoria Review

     There are about 52 new scent shots in this review, only a couple of weeks old, so some might need more curing. All the descriptions are just cold sniff so far. I have quite a few faves so far in this lot and I'm bound to have more once they cure longer. Can't wait to warm these!!! Here we go:

Buttery Gingerbread-I smell lots of ginger, brown sugar and some butter. Not super buttery yet, I'm expecting more will come out after some curing, but so far this is sweet and yummy! Love this already!

Nutty Candied Apple-fruity sweet apple scent. I picture a pretty pink apple. The scent is clean and sparkly but I get no nuttiness in it yet.

Chocolate Chip Cookie-sweet dough, very little chocolate and doesn't smell very yummy yet. More curing needed!

Blueberry Cheesecake-sour blueberries, I guess the sourness could be the cheesecake. This reminds me of sour blueberry candy.

Log Cabin-Yummy sweet bakery, brown sugar and maple. This one is very good and buttery! You can smell the real maple syrup dripping down pancakes. Super yummy!

Peppermint Bark-Very good chocolate and sweet peppermint, rich and yummy. The chocolate in this one is very realistic smelling and delicious. Best chocolate I've tried so far.

Chai Tea-Comforting scent. I get some light cinnamon, this is sweet but not a bakery one, very pretty too. I think there's something floral in there too but I can't be sure. Doesn't really smell like tea to me.

Happy-Dupe for Clinique Happy perfume, this is floral and fresh, very pretty. Smells very similar to the perfume but it's not very strong yet.

Whispering Winds-minty fresh, nice scent but it's clean and minty kind of like toothpaste.

Tomahawk Memories-woodsy and musky. I smell some pine trees in there. It's a bit sweet, a bit floral, grassy and citrusy. Love it!

Who's That Lady-I smell berries, this is sweet and perfumey, floral and fresh, a bit musky. Very nice scent.

Tonka Truck-musky, smoky manly type smell with some spice to it maybe nutmeg...not sure. Description lists bergamot, apple wood and tonka bean, along with patchouli, cedarwood and oakmoss. Sure enough there is also allspice in there as well so not nutmeg but I was close.

Black Velvet-floral and powdery, pretty and a bit musky. This is similar to Blackberry Amber but not as bitter smelling to me. This is smooth and rich as well.

Frankincense and Myrrh-not sure what these are supposed to smell like really but it's a nice familiar scent but hard to describe.

French Quarter-musky rich floral with some fruity sweetness, must be the apricot in there. This is really nice, earthy and perfumey.

Piney Forest-sharp pine scent with some bitterness to it. I thought I would like this but so far I think I'll stick with Sugared Spruce. Maybe it will be better once it cures some.

Snow Drift Berries-berry fruity, minty sweet. The 2 scents seem separated though, maybe needs more curing. It doesn't work well yet but I'm thinking it's got potential and I really want to like this one.

Cookies for Santa-cinnamon and sugar. I also get an apple cinnamon butter note but no real cookie scent. I heard this one is good so maybe it will get there.

Star of Bethlehem-there's a Christmas tree scent with some citrus, cinnamon and clove. I get creaminess and spiciness. Very nice Christmas scent. I also get a slight minty undernote.

Christmas Memories-very similar to Old Fashioned Christmas to me, and even Christmas Cabernet. I get a grapey sweetness with some tree scent. This one's not a fave.

Snowberry-very similar to Snow Drift Berries. Same sweet berry fruitiness, also minty sweet. Maybe they will cure to be different.

Three Wise Men-Love this one! It's earthy and musky. I get amber and sandalwood along with some fruityness. This has frankincense and myrrh in it as well as patchouli.

Let it Snow-Christmas tree scent, minty and wintery fresh. I also get a sweet vanilla undernote. Description includes eucalyptus so that's probably where I get the tree scent.

White Christmas-Another tree scent, this is creamy with an edgy pine scent along with some vanilla. Very nice! Not sure where I get all that from, because this is supposed to be just white florals and Christmas tree.

Mermaid Kiss-This is fruity, grassy, green fresh with some floral notes. Nice bathroom scent.

Soothe-Fresh, relaxing and invigorating laundry type scent with some floral maybe lavender...not sure. It has eucalyptus, patchouli, lemon and basil.

Herbal Mist-green and herbal smell, soapy green, fresh and pretty. Needs some curing but so far it's better than the other herbal one I tried.

Gain Island Fresh-really good laundry scent. A very good dupe for the detergent. Very strong and clean smelling. Love it!

White Nectarine and Pink Coral-really good nectarine scent, this is very pretty and sweet. Love it! I see this becoming a fave. The color of this one is really pretty too, here it is:

Bikini Bottoms-honey citrus tropical type scent. I think I get some pineapple in here too. No pineapple in the description though, but a lot of fruit scents in here along with sandalwood, jasmine, lily, vanilla and musk.

Party in my Cabana-this one is very nice but hard for me to describe, it's a complex floral to me and powdery fresh. I like it!

Palm Island-clean and pretty, fruity sweet along with a soapy smell. Actually this reminds me of a soap I used to use as a kid and it was made by Fa (European brand). Brings back memories. I loved using that soap, it was a special treat. It also has a gorgeous blue color, here's a pic!

Carnation-this is just OK to me, carnation scent along with musk. I thought this would smell pretty but I don't think it's cured enough yet.

Catchin' Fireflies-this one is awesome!!! Clean and pretty, powdery fresh. Love it! Reminds me of Dove soap with an orange note to it.

Unwind-I smell eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary oil. Very relaxing and nice. Reminds me exactly of my massage place. Love that scent. Not just straight lavender and much nicer.

Breath of Ireland-very clean and green scent, but pretty flowery as well. Love this one! I almost smell bubble gum in here. Very strong too.

Cleopatra's Closet-musky sweet floral, needs  more curing so more notes come out.

Apples & Oranges-this is a very nice even combo of fresh apple and orange. Smells juicy and yummy. I smell the apple and orange equally strong.

Citrus Spice-very good fall scent, I smell spices over a bitter orange. I also get a strong cider scent from this one as well as some pumpkin notes.

Enchanted Apple-BBW dupe, this is dead on. Very familiar scent, I remember smelling this from BBW a long time ago and I remember it. Great candy apple type scent. Really pretty! This will be a fave!

Pomegranate & Cider-Green fresh notes in cider with juicy pomegranate. Another wonderful fall scent.

Bite Me-one of the only ones I've warmed so far. Cold I get some really juicy red berries and cherries. It's yummy and sweet, a little tartness and maybe some vanilla creaminess.

Georgia Peach-really peachy and authentic, smells just like a ripe peach. I like this one! It's not too tart and not too sweet, just perfect.

Monster Mash-I smell apple cider in here along with some spices and musk. Great fall scent!

Witch's Brew-fruity bubble gum scent. Love it!!! Some slight spiciness too.

Geisha-soapy clean, fruity and floral notes, very pretty scent. I get some lemon in here too.

Peace-love this one! This will be a fave for sure and I've already warmed it. Hard to describe and complex to me, probably because it's so well blended and everything goes so well together. I think I get some honey and it's a bit perfumey. This is a must try scent and a fave on the Pouring Pot Message Board.

Gorilla's in the Mist-soapy, piney, minty or maybe it's eucalyptus. Also a green freshness to it. I picture a rainforest when I smell this. But it's not a fave scent yet.

Emperor's Love-I smell grape or plum musky scent in this one, it's a very interesting scent. Might need some curing because it's kind of hard to describe right now.

Snow Storm-another great one! I get vanilla, mint, and a floral powderiness, very pretty!

Snuggle Up-green fresh grass notes, floral and also very similar to a laundry freshener type scent.

So, this is it!!! That is a lot of scent shots in one order! Can't wait to see how they will cure because in the past, my scent shots got 100% better after a month or so, if I can wait that long before I finish them. A lot of them are great already but they only get better with age, kind of like a fine wine. Remember to check out my previous posts about Candles by Victoria, which will contain more info about the company and how to order.

Hope you all enjoyed our round of shots ;) and that you find some faves (I've highlighted mine here).

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Candles by Victoria Jars and Sizes

     Besides the numerous scents one can pick from Candles by Victoria, there are also quite a few jar sizes and bowls you can pick for your special scent to go in. Here's what I have so far:

Top Shelf Black Label Manhattan: There are 12 scents in this line so far and I have tried 2 of them, both excellent! Here is a link to where they are located on page 19 of the online catalog, and they are $18.50 and well worth it!
16oz Country Jar: Can be purchased individually or part of a set of six. Each one is $12.50 and they are located here.

9oz Country Jar: These are the shorter jars, cutest ones in my opinion. Again can be purchased alone or in sets of 6. Click here to check those out!

8oz No Frills Jar: Smallest country jar and it's tall and skinny. Burns great and has a nice throw depending on the scent. I'm only seeing these available in a set of six here and in a surprise candle for $7.25 here, where you get a layered candle in many surprise scents.

This is just what I have tried so far and there's many more to come in my next few orders. My personal fave so far is the 9oz shorter Country jar. They are just too cute!


Another Candles by Victoria review of the rest of my scent shots, as promissed!


     I counted about 67 scent shots total  that I ordered from and I will go through the rest of them here as promised in my previous post. For more information about Candles by Victoria please see my Candles By Victoria introduction. I will try to split them up by category since that is how the website is set up when you look at scent descriptions. There is a very helpful list that describes each and every scent available and includes the notes present it those scents. Gotta love it!

Cherry Cobbler-Very strong cherry smell and so far after a month or so of curing I still get very little bakery in this, but more than before. I get mostly tart, juicy, dark red cherries.

Candy Corn-All I get is a waxy smell so maybe it needs more curing. Hard to explain but it's waxy and a bit buttery. I haven't warmed this one yet so maybe more notes come out warmed, or maybe it really does just need more curing time.

Amish Quilt-Love this one more and more every time I warm it. When cold, it's very spicy, not really a bakery type scent and a bit of sweetness in there but not much. I get a lot of clove and nutmeg in here not just cinnamon. Super spicy. But when warmed for a while, it mellows out a bit, more bakery comes out and the scent becomes very nice, comforting and a great complex fall scent to me.

Apple Cider-(under bakery scents?) Not sure why this one is under the bakery list. I get some cinnamon in there for sure, but after more curing a lot more real apple scent comes through. I think there's must be some clove in there too. Kind of reminds me of the spiced apple cider from Trader Joes.

Butter Rum Crunch-this is a sweet, buttery toffee scent with rum. Very yummy! Love it!

Cajun Cornbread-#1 favorite scent right now. I am so in love with this one! Just so amazing! Reminds me of something with a tang, while growing up, I just don't remember what, but something from when I was little. Maybe it's the peach preserves scent in there.  This is a very yummy bakery scent, but it's definitely not your regular run of the mill bakery type. If you're planning an order, this one is a must!!!

Caramelized Pralines-very caramely, comforting scent. A bit nutty. This is missing something to me. A lot of people love this one and maybe it will do better after some more curing. I'm thinking this would be great in a "Create a Scent" (CAS) candle, mixed with something else.

Cherry Almond-This is a super strong cherry and almond scent. If I smell it long enough my nose starts tingling from it, almost like it's spicy. It's a very nice combination and a great scent for those that appreciate this type. I like it but I'm hoping more notes will come out once it cures some more.

Cinnabon-at first this was just super cinnamony to me but now I get this delicious warm doughy goodness coming through the cinnamon. Very true to its name.

Country Bumpkin-Another super spicy scent. There's some sweetness in there as well but not as much. This is a bakery cinnamon I'm getting, not a red hot cinnamon. This totally burns my nose if I sniff it long enough. Also mellows out and becomes a nice holiday scent, very good.

Country Coffee Cake-Bakery scent, lots of brown sugar, but that's pretty much all I smell in this one. Might need more curing.

Home Sweet Home-Spicy cinnamon, that's all I smell in this one so far.

Marshmallow Campfire-Love this one! Lots of notes in there. I get an outdoorsy campfire smell, some perfumey notes...Hard to describe for sure but very nice. A bit creamy, almost musky. Very nice!

Orange Almond Lace Cookie-In this one, orange stands up well to the almond, which is usually super strong and overpowering. Sweet and tangy with some sugary bakery scent in there.

Pumpkin Pear Strudel-This is a very loved scent and it sounds wonderful but I'm a bit disappointed so far. All I'm getting from this one is pear, and actually it almost smells like apple. Sweet and fresh pear, but nothing else. Maybe it needs more curing as well.

Baked Apple Strudel-Tangy apple with some spice, not cinnamon to me but maybe clove.  This one might need more curing too.

White Chocolate Karibu-I totally smell the white chocolate in this one! Really yummy scent. It's got a creamy cocoa butter smell along with some popcorn in there but not overpowering. Sweet and buttery. Love it!

Vanilla After Dark-Perfumey vanilla, nice, soft and musky, not very strong and almost creamy. I'm going to try a couple other vanillas to compare but this one is quite pretty.

The Porridge Pot-Buttery and a bit salty but still a sweet smell, reminds me of buttery grits if they had a sweetness to them. I'm not really into this as it is, might be better mixed with something for a kick and excitement :)

some fresh and clean scents...

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey-Before curing this was quite bland but now I get almost a tang to go along with a cereal like sweetness, even a bit of perfuminess to it. I wouldn't say it's a fresh and clean scent though, more like a bakery scent. My nose doesn't really like this one.

Purely Herbal-This is supposed to smell like the old Herbal Essence shampoo but I guess it's not the one I've tried before because I didn't recognize it. I get some green notes in there but that's about it. This was a trade out.

Storm Watch-Nice and strong, clean scent. Reminds me the most so far of fabric softener. Very nice, airy. I can almost feel and smell the quiet before a storm. This would be perfect for a rainy or windy day. Love it!

Sugared Spruce-Popular scent. Nice pleasant evergreen smell with a sweetness to it that is soft and not overpowering but it does mellow out that sharp tree scent. I got this in a larger candle and I am curious to see how it is after some more curing and also how it smells burning instead of warming.

earthy types...

Autumn Leaves-Another love! You can close your eyes and smell rusty fallen leaves that got wet from the rain. Amazing how accurate this smell is and how true to its name. Perfect for a fall day! Outdoorsy and fresh!

fruity types...

Apples & Oaks-Another very good outdoorsy fall scent. Very nice and crisp apple scent with a woody note to it. I can smell both the apple and oak equally. It's a pretty straightforward smell to me and it's nice to have a fall scent that is not spicy at all, and it doesn't even miss it. Perfect!!!

Best Friends-I loved this as soon as I melted it. This is a fine example of loving something I never would have thought I would. This was a trade scent and it's mostly berries. Very nice, a bit sweet berry scent with some vanilla creaminess. Can't wait to get my candle in this scent!

Fig Lychee-Not a fan of this one even though I think a lot of people like this. It's very sweet to me, fruity and green at the same time and I also get almost a bubble gum smell in there, which makes for a weird scent to me.

Fizzy Pop-Dead on citrus soda like 7Up complete with bubbles. Had to try it! It's really true, you can feel the bubbles when you smell this. I can see this mixed with something else especially for a summery scent but don't love it on it's own all that much.

French Vanilla Pear-I believe this one needs more curing still. It's a lot better than when I first got it but I think it still has a way to go. I get a bakery vanilla, sweet ripe pear. The pear is really nice but not so sure the bakery vanilla goes well in here.

Honeydew Pear-All I get in this one is a candy melon smell. I can't smell any pear what so ever in here, maybe cause the melon is so strong.

Orange Vanilla-Much nicer after some curing. In the beginning the orange was really overpowering the vanilla but now it's much nicer. I'm starting to almost get a creamy orange from it which would compare to an Orange Julius. I'm liking this one more and more each time I smell it.

Peach Ambrosia-This is a nice, sweet and juicy peach smell. Might need more curing to get more notes from this.

Poisoned Apple-This just smelled like plain apple to me, not very impressive. I'm working on finding some other apple scents that I do like but to me they are a bit plain so I'm trying Enchanted Apple and Winter Candy Apple next, review for those will be in future posts.

house blends...

Genevieve's Tea Ring-Very nice, comforting bakery type scent. Lots of different notes in this. Love it! Same level with Cajun Cornbread for me. Can't wait to get my candle in this scent.

Jacob Black-Named after Jacob Black from the Twilight series, who is Bella's werewolf friend, this smells like a manly, musky scent with some pine and a tad of cinnamon. Very nice sexy "guy" scent.

Bella Swan-This is a nice fruity and floral scent. Very pretty and girly but also different from anything I've ever smelled before. A big fave for a lot of CBV fans.

Edward Cullen-Again from the Twilight series, this was created after the author's description of Edward. It's said that he smelled like honey and sunlight. I get a honey type scent from this, maybe some lemon, but overall I'm not in love with this scent. It's just hard to categorize and describe and it doesn't sit well with my nose.

Nut House-This is a super strong almond cherry scent. There is a pistachio pudding note to it which adds sweetness. Very nice when warmed and more notes come out. Almond mellows out and it becomes more complex.

Sexy in Stilettos-Another LOVE! I didn't think much of this until it was warmed. Then it hit me. The most gorgeous pretty and girly scent ever! Sweet, perfumey, sexy and sensual. A strong one for sure, which I love!

Simply Delicious-Not too impressed with this one, I'm guessing it might need more curing time since so many people do like it. All I get so far is a semi-sweet bakery note, same family as Country Coffee Cake.

Twilight-Bella and Edward scents mixed together. Still not of fan of Edward and I can totally smell it in here, but Bella does make it better.

Trick or Treat-Very nice Fall scent. Buttery, sweet and yummy! It smells like candy corn and honey butter.

Why I Autumn-This is a very strong scent that is personally not for me. I get a ton of Anise from it and it overpowers everything else in there, including the cinnamon. My husband on the other hand, who doesn't like much, actually likes this one. I might let it sit and cure longer and see what becomes of the scent.

Candleman's Closet...

Bath Time with Pooh-Creamy toffee, honey scent. Soft, light and pleasant. This is a big people pleaser. Love it!

Christmas/winter scents...

Christmas Apple Cider Snap-Cinnamon Red Hots is most of what I get from this. There's a bit of fruitiness but it's mainly a very spicy cinnamon scent, and if I smell it long and deep my nose starts to burn a bit. Crazy!

Christmas Cabernet-Super sweet grape juice. I'm not too sure about this one. I don't think I like it yet, maybe needs more curing time.

Winter Snowflake-Super strong peppermint!!! If you're looking for a scent to open up your sinuses and you like the strong minty scent this is it! It's supposed to have a Christmas tree scent in there I believe but I don't really smell it. This smells like the inside of a peppermint patty to me but it's not really creamy. I tried mixing this with Vanilla After Dark but it overpowered it and didn't go very good with it anyway.

Warm Christmas Splendor-This is a well blended and well balanced spicy scent. Good Christmas scent.

Old Fashioned Christmas-Very sweet, fruity and spicy. I think I smell some citrus in there as well.

perfume types...

Blackberry Amber-(free ss) I believe this is another BBW dupe but I don't remember smelling the original so I can't really compare. It smells perfumey and fruity to me but it also has a bitterness to it that bothers me. It's really musky which I like. Makes me wonder if I would like this better after it cures some more.

Aquolina Blue Sugar-Not as sweet as Pink Sugar but it's still a sweet, sugary smell and I get some vanilla and perfumey scent. This got a lot better after curing some, definitely got more complex. It almost has a soapy smell and it's a bit of a fresh scent compared to Pink Sugar.

Pink Sugar-Super sweet powdery sugar scent, just delicious! This is an Aquolina perfume dupe. I get a pink cotton candy with a little musk and kind of perfumey. Perfect dupe! I purchased the perfume after smelling the scent shot, so that I could compare, since I really liked it.

Moonlight Path-Absolutely love this!!! The BBW scent it's duping was my special honey moon scent so it brings back memories from a long time ago :) This is a dead on dupe and I love it just the same. It's a gorgeous romantic scent.

tropical types...

Salty Sea Air-Very nice fresh scent with a soapy note and some floral notes coming out after a couple of months curing time. I can close my eyes and inhale and feel like I'm at the beach on a cold day and smelling the refreshing salty ocean breeze. Love this!!!

Those were some brief descriptions of my scent shots so far along with a couple of candle scents. I just tried to include everything I have smelled from CBV that I have so far so that when my next order arrives I can just pick up from there. I also highlighted the ones I highly recommend :) Scent shots are 2oz of triple scented wax that you melt in a warmer. These are very strong and are a good option when you're trying out new scents and aren't sure you want to risk getting a large candle before smelling it. Keep in mind though that these are a lot stronger than a candle will be in the same scent. Candles usually mellow out, so a scent that might be super strong in a scent shot, will most likely be a perfect throw candle. You can check out all the scent shot options here, and you can pick any scent CBV makes except for the new Black Label candles. This is what they look like by the way:
And here's 1/4 of a scent shot, which is how much I need to use at one time and even this much is too strong for some scents.

And they all come in gorgeous different colors!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

My new addiction-Candles By Victoria

     I've always loved candles but never like this. A few years ago I stumbled upon this very cute and pretty website and was so drawn in that I wanted to try out some scents even without smelling them first. I was very tempted. I mean, I've never ever thought of ordering something without smelling it in person first! That just seemed so crazy. This lovely website wasn't just about looks after all. Victoria's list of scents is getting closer to 700 as we speak! It's not for the faint of heart by any means. Her candles are triple scented! All other candle brands out there don't stand a chance. And it can be downright intimidating, or if you're like me, you can see it as a challenge. One that I'm more than willing to take head on.
     My journey began by doing some research. I mean, where do you start when you have so many scents to pick from and until now all you've known are the plain scents from main stream candle companies?! A few clever ways to find out more about CBV is to "Like" her Facebook page: Here, to check out her cute website Candles by Victoria and to browse and join The Pouring Pot Candle Message Board  which is super helpful and has a bunch of lovely candle loving people, ready to jump in and help. Another great tip is to browse YouTube for CBV scent reviews. Until now I didn't realize they even existed. All of the reviewers that I've watched so far have been so talented and helpful in describing these scents. It's almost like I'm right there next to them sniffing along.
     So, after some virtual sniffing I placed my first order. A couple dozens of scent shots, which are heavily scented 2oz wax tarts. They are individually packaged in a little plastic container; a convenient way to sample scents for $2 a piece before committing to a large kettle candle for example. I'm not kidding! After sampling a bunch of my scent shots and going to scent heaven for a while, I got brave and ordered a No Frills Sampler, which contains 6 cute candle jars, 8oz each, and in any scent choice! (see pic above) Yes, there's a bunch more stuff in the pic, I got carried away...and I will go through it all. Here is the list:

Manhattan, Top Shelf Black Label-The Black Label line is Victoria's new candle line that is more upscale and extra high quality. These are 14oz and highly scented. They look very nice on display but this one smells incredible. One of my faves so far is Manhattan. It's pretty, floral,  feminine, musky and a bit perfumey. I find it intriguing and sexy. The descriptions says it is a combination of orchids, carnation, cumin, bergamot, jasmine, fennel, Madagascar vanilla, patchouli, amber and must. Yes, it truly is an exotic and enticing scent. Love it!

007-Another Black Label candle, this one is feminine again, floral and smells powdery to me, light and pretty, picture fairy dust :) I do like it as well so I'm glad I chose this one as well since I just went by the description since I just couldn't wait to try them out!

3 More scents were recently added to the Black Label line and I'm excited to say that I will be trying out Mouline Rouge next. Can't wait!!! Now on to the No Frills Sampler pack. That is 6 candles in my scent choices, 8oz jars with lids.

Leesha-This one is not too sweet to me, bakery scent for sure but more of a coffee cake smell, can't smell the apple yet, maybe needs more curing time. I do get some caramel smell from it or maybe brown sugar. Edited to add that after burning I started getting a fuel type smell and it could even be a metal smell. Not sure what it is or if it's just me. I can still smell some of the bakery notes in here but when it's lit, it doesn't smell right anymore.

Pumpkin Apple Cinnamon Bread-This one is divine. Such  a yummy classic fall bakery scent. Just comforting and yummy and everything good in one candle. No wonder it's so popular. Lots of apple scent in there and not overpowered by cinnamon which makes this one a fave for me!!! Gotta have it!

Fruit Loops-This reminds me of a candle I had before that I got really tired of so I had to give it away. To its defense, it really does smell like fruit loops, no question and if you love that smell then it's just delish. I got a lot of sweet lemony candy smell from it.

What Goes Around Comes Around-Strong patchouli scent, a bit too much for me. It's not bad and cold it actually smells quite nice, but warmed it's just a whole lot of patchouli!!! Not a fave here.

Rapture-Very close dupe for VS Rapture perfume scent. Sweet floral, perfumey scent, feminine and if you like that scent then it's perfect, smells just like it. Good sexy bedroom scent.

Clothesline Fresh-Nice strong fresh and clean Febreeze like scent. Great for cleaning house! Strong enough to open the windows to get the house aired out and still be able to smell it!

2 oz scent shots:

Banana Brown Sugar Drizzle-I got no banana from this when I first smelled it but after a month of curing, I get the most delicious banana. Sweet, strong and buttery and super yummy. The banana is that banana candy smell like banana taffy.

Apricot Crumb Cake-At first this was super tangy and that was it, but after curing, the apricot got sweeter and the bakery scent is coming out a lot more especially warmed.

Granny's Pie Crust-Again, could care less before curing, but after a month or so, this became a yummy true to its name scent that is just amazing. Buttery and already baked golden pie crust. Not too sweet and a bit of a salt scent in there, like an unfilled crust ready to be filled with something delicious. I can totally see this as a good one to be mixed and see why so many are doing it!

Country Fair Funnel Cake-This is another fave for me. I can smell the delicious fresh fried sweetness of the dough. Very comforting and yummy scent and well rounded. This one is another must get scent, just amazing!

Oatmeal Lemon Cookies-Another one of those bakery lemon smells I got tired of. It's not bad, actually I can see it being quite yummy if I could get past the lemony tang I got burnt out on.

Cinnamon Doughnuts-Sweet cinnamony doughnut, smell the dough and everything! Delicious! I like this one better than Cinnabon. It's more buttery and I like that.

Shamrock Kiss-This is a nice, perfumey sweet smell with some green note in it. Very pretty!

Sophie Belle-smells musky and sweet, with a bit of a grape scent to me, it's been getting better every time I smell it so maybe someday soon I will love it. So far not a fave.

Chantilly Lace-much nicer now after curing. It balanced out so nicely! It's girly, powdery, white floral scent, rich and musky. To me it smells a bit similar to 007 from the Black Label line.

Mediterranean Fig- Love this one! Green, earthy and fresh and a bit musky. Very nice!

Free SS: Apple Cinnamon Butter-Not very buttery, but I do get more apple in it than before, it's also tart apple and not very cinnamony. This one might need more time...

My current collection includes about 67 Scent Shots total so I will get some more reviews up. There's a lot more scents that I would love to talk about. As a side note, just because I don't LOVE a scent doesn't mean that I don't like having it as a ss just when I need a quick change and something new and a fresh perspective. They all are different and have their own quality that I like to appreciate even if I don't completely love them. But as I have learned, curing makes such a huge difference and now I'm loving scents I wasn't impressed by in the beginning.

Quick recap: Must get scents are Pumpkin Apple Cinnamon Bread, Mediterranean Fig, Country Fair Funnel Cake and Banana Brown Sugar Drizzle. If you're more of a floral person then Chantilly Lace is a must along with Manhattan.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hello and Welcome!!!

Being my first post and all, I'd like to say welcome! Considering all the crazy things in my life right now, my goal will be to keep up with this blog at least for a short while. It's one of those "things to do in life" on my list. The plan for this blog will be for me to list and share some of my favorite things such as product reviews, new recipes or just favorite fun stories and pictures. Pretty much anything and everything that crosses my mind. So welcome, stay, enjoy and leave a kind word if you're so compelled. Thank you!